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How does music sound when body, mind and instrument sing in unison?

  • What prevents us as musicians from feeling free and confident on stage?

  • Why do we feel so much joy and fulfillment when making music, but often not the same satisfaction when practicing?

  • Why do we have pain while playing, even though we had been playing our instrument effortlessly for years?


The causes are as diverse as they are individual :

stress, pressure to succeed, high ambitions, but also a technique or posture that is unfavorable for one's own body or even an ergonomically poorly adapted instrument. 

Give your musicality new expression -

with the help of Dispokinesis

Dispokinesis is, in short, a method by a musician for musicians. It is based on the knowledge of functional anatomy, neurophysiology and developmental psychology.


Dispokinesis invites you to rediscover yourself and to perceive your body, your feelings and your breathing in a more sensitive, refined and new way.  

Which movement patterns or concepts make it difficult for you to express yourself freely with your instrument?

Dispokinesis is not another technique to be learned and used -

it is a way of being, of feeling, of vibrating. It creates relationships between us and the music, our instrument, our colleagues and the concert hall.  

Dispokinesis sees the solution to your challenges as a resource already inherent in you. As your teacher, I will accompany you on your development path, listening to yourself, hearing the wisdom of your body and trusting it.


No wings without roots

Dispokinesis works from the inside out, from the bottom up. Contact with the ground and a healthy basic tone form the basis for good breathing support as well as precise and easy finger movements.

Dispokinesis is goal-oriented and approaches the challenges from different perspectives, working with the means of:

  • Original shapes of posture and movement

  • Fine motor exercises

  • Ergonomic solutions for instrument and workplace

Dispokinesis helps you to recognize and solve artificial breathing and movement patterns as well as stereotypes.

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Dispokinesis classes in Luxembourg

Are you curious and want to experience Dispokinesis in class?


Contact me using the contact form or by phone on +352 661850611 for more information or to make an appointment!



60 minutes:  € 80

90 minutes: € 120

NEW! Dispokinesis lessons now also ONLINE!

Through the  Website Play with a Pro  you can now also book lessons online, click here to arrange your free introductory talk!


Prerequisites for success: a stable internet connection, a good microphone and a camera that you can adjust so that I can see you from head to toe.

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