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It was rather by chance that my parents became aware of their daughter's musical enthusiasm. At the age of nine, I was allowed to choose the clarinet as my instrument. Three years later, already at the conservatory, the passion sparked in other areas as well: piano, singing, conducting, to name but a few! 

My choice of studies was initially in favour of the clarinet, I absolutely wanted to become an orchestral musician. Unfortunately, during my training, I also got to know the other side of the coin: shoulder pain, embouchure failure and stage fright as a result. This however allowed me to early on intensively study the relationship between body and instrument, optimize practice habits and study the human psyche — gradually, my former weaknesses transformed into my new strengths!

This far into my life's journey, I have been allowed to get to know all the colourful aspects of being an orchestral player, I got to produce myself artistically with my diverse interests (classical music, klezmer, tango,...) and had numerous enriching encounters and experiences.

After Düsseldorf, the USA, Freiburg and Munich, my path led me back to Luxembourg in 2014. Thanks to a teaching position at the music conservatory, I am able to fulfill my heart's desire: fostering the love for music in people and accompanying them on their personal path of development. I recently started offering Disposkinesis lessons for musicians, as well as performance training, hypnosis to enhance learning and overcome stage fright as well as psychological counseling in Luxemburg, but also online.



2013-2014 Münchner Rundfunkorchester

2nd clarinet and bass clarinet

2012-2013 Philharmonic Orchestra Freiburg

2nd clarinet and bass clarinet

2011-2012 European Union Youth Orchestra

2nd clarinet and bass clarinet

2010 Baltic Youth Philharmonic

2nd clarinet and e-flat clarinet

Musikhochschule Saar, Saarbrücken

with Prof. Johannes Gmeinder

Bachelor in Orchestral Performance

Konzertexamen clarinet

Konzertexamen chamber music

Miami University, Oxford OH, USA

with Prof. Michèle Gingras

Master's Degree of Music Performance

Robert-Schumann-Hochschule, Düsseldorf

with Prof. Kerstin Grötsch/Ulf Rodenhäuser

Conservatoire de Musique de la Ville de Luxembourg

clarinet with Prof. Marcel Lallemang

bass clarinet with Prof. Marcel Lallemang

psycho-pedagogy with Prof. Danièle Gaspar

orchestra conducting with Prof. Carlo Jans

vocal training with Prof. Hélène Bernardy

Landesmusikgymnasium Rheinland-Pfalz



Certificate, Europäische Gesellschaft für Dispokinesis

wingwave® Coach

Certificate, Besser Siegmund Institut Hamburg

Psychological adviser

Certificate, Thermedius Institute


Certificate, Thermedius Institute

Music physiology

Certificate, ​Hanns-Eisler-Musikhochschule Berlin​


Seminar, Dr. Mireille Natanson, Marsberg

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Photos: Stefan Hings

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